2. Zoological gardens

The Eastern giant eland is bred in captivity in the United States of America and in the South African Republic. In the US, theWhite Oak Conservation Center (Yulee) has the longest and best breeding record for the Eastern giant eland anywhere in captivity. They currently hold 19 (8.11) animals with four births in 2008 and 1 in 2009 (Shurter, pers.com., ISIS 2009).

According to ISIS (2009) the US institutions keeping Eastern giant eland are: San Diego Wildlife Park (4.6), Cincinnati (2.0), Houston (3.3.2), Los Angeles (1.1), Metrozoo (3.4.1), San Francisco (1.0). The Eastern giant elands we can also find in Johannesburg in the South African Republic (0.4). So the total number of individuals in captivity is 53 individuals (22.25.6).

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