Czech Aid Development Project

 “Ultimately, conservation depends on people who are neither biologist nor managers.”



Our conservation programme has two main development goals that are:

1) nature conservation and

2) education of local inhabitants.

The conservation of Senegalese biodiversity is fulfilled by breeding of Western giant eland (Taurotragus derbianus derbianus) in the Bandia and Fathala reserves. That represents the gene pool for future reintroductions, when the security of its natural habitat is ensured. Jointly, the natural habitat of the both reserves is preserved. Nature conservation in all developing countries depends mainly on local inhabitants. With this regard we consider necessary, while planning and realize project to involve local’s and educate them in our plans, visions and endeavours. Therefore, we implemented educational programmes for children, adolescents and adults concerning themes of nature conservation, its importance and its potential in economic benefit for all involved parties, and possibilities of sustainable natural resources utilization. 

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