Future plans

Breeding the Western giant eland in the Bandia reserve is fundamental for conservation of that species in Senegal. Further it is necessary to introduce new stock from the wild, which requires permission for capturing new animals (preferably 15 individuals) in the Niokola Koba national park if appropriate funds and agreements are available.

We plan:

  • To keep the studbook for Western Giant eland in captivity and systematically continue the identification of each specimen. It is important to ensure the genetic, ecological, behavioral, botanical, zootechnical, parasitological, and veterinary research. Results are necessary for the science and will be applied for successful breeding management and conservation.
  • To support activities of the SPEFS (infrastructure, veterinary survey and equipment, research, etc.)
  • To continue the education of local inhabitants with focus on children and teachers who will have major impact on increasing awareness concerning nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. 

Our team will make efforts to carry a follow-up project within the Czech Aid Development Cooperation in order to accomplish original aims as it was agreed and planed. At the same time, we make efforts to acquire funding from other sources and will generate more initiatives and proposals for improvement of the protection of Western Giant eland and of unique and beautiful Senegalese nature for to maintain it for future generations.

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