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Date 20/08/2013
By Derek Lacasa
Subject show

I will be bringing a lot of help

Date 20/08/2013
By Derek Lacasa
Subject Beneficial

Please contact me back at
your time will be greatly appreciated. thank you

Date 05/02/2013
By Ahti Tolvanen
Subject Giant Elands

What is the best way that individuals like myself can contribute to the preservation of the Giant Eland?

Date 06/02/2013
By Karolina
Subject Re: Giant Elands

You may contact us directly by email - and we can discuss potential possibilities. Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

Date 08/01/2013
By Werner Steyn
Subject Breeding of Giant Eland

We would like to continue with the breeding of the Giant Eland in South Africa. can you supply me with pointers, where to start. Thank you,

Date 08/01/2013
By Karolina
Subject Re: Breeding of Giant Eland

In South Africa, it was always kept the eastern subspecies, T.d. gigas, as far as we know. So better to contact central african parks or facilities breeding the eastern subspecies - maily US zoos and Pretoria NZG.

All the best,


Date 17/12/2012
By Kevin Aziba
Subject Admission Fees To Fathala

Dear Friends,

I'm Kevin, my family stays in The Gambia, Bijilo to be precise, please kindly advise how much the admission fee to Fathala Reserve is for my wife and I.

I'm hoping to visit on the 28th of December.

Date 23/12/2012
By Admin
Subject Re: Admission Fees To Fathala

Hello Kevin,
if you would like to get actual information about Fathala reserve and enter fees please contact directly manager of the reserve at
Hope your journey was successful and you did enjoy it!

Date 04/12/2012
By Linda
Subject Lord Derby

Hi there I just whant to know if it is possible to import live Lord Derby elands to South Africa? I've people here can breed with them?

Date 13/11/2012
By camila naisipa
Subject Western giant eland

Hello. I am a 12 year old student from Bogota Colombia, S.A. I am working on a brochure on endagered species and I would like to know about the western giant eland behavior and reproduction.

Thank you very much,



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