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Date 14/12/2010
By Karolina
Subject Re: genetics markers

Hello, unfortunatelly not yet. But we hope they will be soon :-)


Date 05/10/2010
By Daisy
Subject Healthy Planet Partnership

Dear Giant Eland Conservation,

My name is Daisy and I work for Healthy Planet Foundation, a UK registered charity based in Hammersmith, London. The purpose of our charity is to connect people to conservation-based organisations around the world. Our customers pay to virtually ‘adopt’ plots of land in protected areas on our interactive website. Healthy Planet does not carry out work on the ground. The money raised through such adoptions goes to organisations carrying out conservation activities within the chosen place.

We are currently anticipating the launch of our new website in the next month. When launched, we want a catalogue of fantastic projects working in vulnerable areas all around the world that people can choose to sponsor. I have done some research in to your organisation, and I think your organisation is working for a fantastic cause and would be really appealling to our customers. We could allow them to adopt land in Niokolo-Koba with the proceeds going to your charity.

Please can you email me at if you are interested in applying for funding through us. You will receive 90% of donations and a case study page on our website.

We would love to help save this species!


Date 06/09/2010
By Louis
Subject Ex situ breeding

I believe that there are about six Lord Derby Eland cows in South African zoos. However, none of these zoos have a bull and thus no reproduction can take place.
I am interested in becoming involved in establishing a breeding program in South Africa.
Who can I contact to discuss options in this regard?

Date 06/09/2010
By Karolina
Subject Re: Ex situ breeding

According to the zoo information systems, the elands in South African zoos are those of the Eastern subspecies, occuring in quite large numbers in central African region, not the critically endangered Western subspecies. Nevertheless, you can contact me via e-mail ( discuss the breeding programme.

Date 23/06/2011
By Dr WP Burger
Subject Re:Lord Derby


I am trying to make contact with owners/zoos around the world who have Derby . Any help from your side will be appreciated.
Kind regards

Date 26/05/2011
By Martin
Subject Re: Ex situ breeding

Good day
Do you know if Louis found a bull for reproduction in South Africa?

Date 14/09/2011
By Wouter Pienaar
Subject Re: Ex situ breeding

Dear Louis
I am Wouter Pienaar from South Africa.
I am stating up an Exotic Game Breeding business in South Africa and would like to breed with Lord Derby Eland as well.
I need an Investor for my new business and was wondering if you might be interested. I have the full Business plan to give more detail.
My email is
Please contact me if you are interested.

Date 06/11/2009
By Mike Buys
Subject Difference to the common Eland

Good Day

What are the main differences between the giant Eland and the common Eland that is found more in Southern Africa especially South Africa?
I was told that although the giant Eland is smaller it has longer horns?

Date 11/11/2009
By Karolína
Subject Re: Difference to the common Eland

The size and weight of the Common eland and the Giant eland are quite similar, more or less depending on the information source. The main differences are in the overall look. The Giant eland is more kudu-like species, with the elegant body construction. The dewlap in Giant eland starts just under the chin, in the Common eland it starts on the neck. The Giant eland has more stripes then the Common eland and the colouring and marks are more pronounced. Ears are rounded in the Giant eland and pointed in the Common eland.

Date 23/04/2010
By abey fissha
Subject Re: Re: Difference to the common Eland

love this animal


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