The Fathala reserve lies about 270 km from Dakar in close proximity to the Gam­bian border, 50 km from Banjul. This means that the Fathala reserve can use the tourist potential from both countries. The area of the reserve is 2000 ha at present of which only 1200 ha are open to tourists, especially for better visibility of wildlife in thick vegetation, and the remaining 800 ha is used as a reserve for expansion. It was officially opened in 2002 and is organized in a similar manner to the Bandia reserve. Tourists, in particular from Gambia, are very interested in visiting photo-safari in the Fathala reserve, further animal transport is therefore planned which will enrich the reserve.

The information centre was builtin the Fathala reserve from the funds of the Czech Aid Development Project and serves both for tourists and education of local inhabitants.


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